Plain Dosai
Bangalore Dosai
Keema Dosai
Masala Dosai
$ 20 Butter Chicken (MILD) D
$ 3 Steamed Rice (Per Person)
$ 5.50 Cheese Naan (cut in four) G, D
$ 4 Vanilla Ice Cream
$ 8 Samosa (2PCS) G
$ 18 Lamb Cutlets (3pcs)
$ 4 Plain Naan (cut into two) G,D
$ 4.5 Garlic Naan (cut into two) G,D
$ 5.50 Peshwari Naan – G, D
$ 4 Paratha – G
Main Courses

Aloo Gobi

Fresh cauliflower and potato curry in a classic Indian curry style onion and tomato sauce

Kadai Paneer

Paneer Cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with aromatic Indian spices and capsicum

Butter Chicken (MILD) D

Oven cooked thigh fillets in creamy tomato sauce.

Konkan prawn Curry (MILD)

King prawns in coconut gravy with spices.

Madras Beef Curry (MED)

Beef Cooked with potatoes in  fresh coconut sauce.

Beef Vindaloo (MED/HOT)

A specialty dish from Goa, cooked in vindaloo sauce.

Lamb Korma (MILD) N,D

Diced lamb cooked in creamy cashew nut sauce.

Lamb Rogan Josh (MED)

A popular dish cooked with onion and tomatoes sauce.

Lamb Saagwala (MED) D

Lamb cooked in fresh spinach and green herbs.

Chicken Biriyani (MED) D

Saffron rice and chicken cooked together with freshly ground herbs and spices.

Chicken Chettinad (MED)

Chicken cooked in onion and tomato sauce with black pepper.

Chicken Tikka Masala (MED) D

Tandoor cooked chicken with fresh capsicum, onion and tomato sauce.

Goan Fish Curry (MED)

Ling fish cooked in coconut sauce. Popular dish from Goa.

Prawn Balcho (Hot)

King Prawns cooked in hot and tangy onion and tomato sauce.

Eggplant and Potato (MED) D

Potatoes and eggplant cooked with selected herbs and spices in onion and tomatoes sauce.

Matar Paneer (MED) D

Fresh green peas and cottage cheese cooked with curry sauce and finished with a touch of fresh cream

Mixed Vegetable Zalfregi (MILD)

Fresh vegetable in an onion and tomato based sauce.

Malai kofta (Mild) G,D,N

Potato and Cottage Cheese dumpling tossed in a cashew nut based sauce.

Palak Paneer (MILD) D

Cottage cheese cooked with fresh spinach in fenugreek flavoured sauce.

Bhindi Do Piyaza (MED)

Okra cooked in onion, tomato and green pepper finished with ginger.

Daal (MILD) D

Lentils cooked with tomatoes and garlic.

G = Contains gluten, D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts

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