Plain Dosai
Bangalore Dosai
Keema Dosai
Masala Dosai
$ 20 Butter Chicken (MILD) D
$ 3 Steamed Rice (Per Person)
$ 5.50 Cheese Naan (cut in four) G, D
$ 4 Vanilla Ice Cream
$ 8 Samosa (2PCS) G
$ 18 Lamb Cutlets (3pcs)
$ 4 Plain Naan (cut into two) G,D
$ 4.5 Garlic Naan (cut into two) G,D
$ 5.50 Peshwari Naan – G, D
$ 4 Paratha – G

Aloo Gobi

Fresh cauliflower and potato curry in a classic Indian curry style onion and tomato sauce

Kadai Paneer

Paneer Cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with aromatic Indian spices and capsicum

Eggplant and Potato (MED) D

Potatoes and eggplant cooked with selected herbs and spices in onion and tomatoes sauce.

Matar Paneer (MED) D

Fresh green peas and cottage cheese cooked with curry sauce and finished with a touch of fresh cream

Mixed Vegetable Zalfregi (MILD)

Fresh vegetable in an onion and tomato based sauce.

Malai kofta (Mild) G,D,N

Potato and Cottage Cheese dumpling tossed in a cashew nut based sauce.

Palak Paneer (MILD) D

Cottage cheese cooked with fresh spinach in fenugreek flavoured sauce.

Bhindi Do Piyaza (MED)

Okra cooked in onion, tomato and green pepper finished with ginger.

Daal (MILD) D

Lentils cooked with tomatoes and garlic.

G = Contains gluten, D = Contains Dairy, N = Contains Nuts

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